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JC Tuition Online is the authoritative education portal for Junior College (JC) students and parents in Singapore, to search for the best resourceful study materials and to discover a premium online education experience. Offering programmes for the main examinable subjects, our portal streamlines education for all JC students while maintaining high teaching standards for aspirational students striving for that elusive A grade.

Why Choose Us?

Our tuition programmes are chosen for their specially designed curriculum that helps JC students maximise their academic potential and ease the pains of studying. Understanding the common issues faced by past students, we have continuously innovated ourselves through versatile learning methodologies and a diverse selection of conventional and modern education tools. Reaping the advantages of education technology, our students have proven to attain productivity benefits and harness a competitive edge over peers.

Cultivate Aspirational Students

While academic stress is common for students at the junior college level, our tuition programmes are designed to address these pains with genuine tutor-student interactions and inspiring teaching styles. We believe in helping our students to tackle the examinations together and cultivate aspirational learning.

Empower Education With Our Proven Teaching Methodology

With a tried-and-tested teaching formula, our established tutors have consistently empowered our students to exceed their learning potential and take charge of their education confidently. We help our students to find a learning style best suited for them so that they develop the capacity for academic excellence.

Powerful Productive Tools For Education

With a wide range of education tools at our modern classrooms, students become more engaged in their learning process, which speeds up the learning pace. Our popular integrated tools, such as live chat, virtual whiteboard and document sharing have enabled students to retain their content knowledge and raise their revision efficiency.


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JC Tuition

With paramount importance of promotional exams and the GCE A Levels, it is crucial that you find the right tuition programme and receive reliable tutor guidance. Browse our curated programme list below and experience a transformational education at your convenience.

JC GP Tuition Online

Join our General Paper (GP) programme and find out how your revision productivity can be raised with our specialised education tools.

JC Economics Tuition Online

Discover the best economics programme in town and take the decisive step towards your academic success.

JC Math Tuition Online

Browse our list of online programmes and select the best mathematics programme for your academic future.

JC History Tuition Online

Check out our list of online programmes and find out the history programme that best suits your learning needs.

JC China Studies in English Tuition Online

Browse our curated programme list and discover the right China Studies in English (CSE) programme for you.

MobileLearners Club

Looking for more academic resources and connecting with your fellow learners? Head over to MobileLearners Club now and be part of Singapore’s largest education community.

Other Online Learning Programmes

In addition to JC Tuition Online, we have launched our sister online portals for primary level students and secondary level students to seek academic assistance and revision guidance through the respective websites.

Primary Tuition Online

Join our network of Primary Tuition Online and receive the right help for the subject you are keen to improve.

Secondary Tuition Online

Learn about our Secondary Tuition Online classes and raise your academic potential as you strive for the A grade.

Reach For The A Grade

Find the right programme for your child.