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About JC Tuition Online

What is JC Tuition Online?

JC Tuition Online is the authoritative education platform for JC students and parents to search for reliable tuition programmes and retrieve academic resources in preparation for promotional examinations and the GCE A Levels. We serve as the knowledge authority for JC students to share resources, study tips, syllabus updates, and also tuition comparisons and recommendations. Our community networks have also been engaging parents actively and providing meaningful advice in the areas of parenting tips, MOE curriculum and school updates.

Why Study With Us?

Our core mission at JC Tuition Online is to develop our students holistically and nurture them as independent and critical thinkers. Through our unique teaching methodologies, we have helped many students attain their target academic success while continuing to inspire their learning experience beyond the syllabus. With right guidance, resource and motivation, we strongly believe that any student can perform exceedingly and embrace their next step into university.

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Visit our portal and find the best suited tuition programme for your learning styles. With our exclusive list of these premium programmes, students are assured of the quality of our education partners and receive close guidance on finding their path to the A grade.

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Read up about the latest updates in Singapore’s education industry at our blog pages. We publish informative articles on a regular basis to educate our readers on interesting topics, such as study tips, syllabus updates and even mental wellness.

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Reaping the benefits of education technology and productivity tools, students at our programmes will find their learning experience a rewarding one due to a sharp increase in their productivity. Our tools are proven to streamline our students’ learning.

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