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China Studies in English Tuition Online

Our China Studies in English (CSE) tuition programmes focus on the broadening of knowledge relating to Contemporary China. Students will learn how to conduct basic research by examining the different facets of China’s major transformation. The application of knowledge is carried out via the utilisation of critical thinking and writing skills to convey ideas clearly.

Features of Our China Studies in English Tuition Online

There are various notable benefits and features that can enrich the learning experience of the students in the understanding of China. The subject encompasses a very broad area of knowledge and discussion that may prove difficult for the students to digest. As such, we recognise the importance of imbuing the students with the necessary skills and knowledge to master the vast content.

Developing the Interest to Learn about China

Dedicated to their profession to teach and imbue the necessary skills to the students, our tutors provide a unique perspective on a contemporary culture that is deeply-rooted in their past and trains students to critically examine China’s near-term future.

Effective and Interesting Learning Programmes

Our tutors are able to captivate the interest of the students given the vast volume of content that needs to be covered about China. These programmes are made effective by harnessing effective teaching and enhancing delivery of content.

Tackling the China Studies in English Examinations

With deep familiarity of the examination requirements, our tutors are well-equipped to prepare students for the best and worst circumstances for the students. Students will be mentally prepared to create well-evaluated answers in relation to the exam questions.

How You Can Benefit?

Learn more about the benefits of the online learning programme that not only features well-structured content review, but also skills development classes. By joining our comprehensive and exam-focused classes, you will develop a sound mind to analyse issues and form persuasive arguments within the given timeframe.

Dynamic Lessons

Our tutors are focused on creating dynamic lessons that engage students to facilitate dissemination of information and intellectual debates. This allows students to have a positive takeaway, which better equips them for tests and exams.

Exam-oriented Lessons

By tailoring lessons based on the requirements of the examination, students are mentally coupled with the understanding of tackling complex questions. Lessons are based on past questions and relatively recent issues such that the students are continuously challenged.

Capable and Able Tutors

Our tutors possess extensive experience in teaching the subject, directly translating into effective and creative lesson programmes for students. The depth of familiarity with the syllabus requirements and examinations skills have enabled past students to score in the examinations.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

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