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Economics Tuition Online

Economics Tuition Online is a specialised programme designed by renowned JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng of EconomicsFocus. In preparation for promotional exams and the GCE A Levels, our comprehensive online package has been specifically designed to equip students with the right knowledge and acumen to tackle complex economics essays and case study questions effectively.

How We Teach

A New Way To Approach Economics

With our online programmes, we are able to combine the benefits of a conventional classroom with the efficiency of a digital learning space. This strengthens our teaching pedagogy so that students, undergoing our rigorous study programme, can firmly grasp the economic fundamentals while they learn and practise with our virtual classroom tools.

Live-Stream Classes

Take part in thematic discussions, essay question debates and case study analysis with our Live-Stream Classes. You will accelerate your learning potential with productivity tools and develop strong foundations in Microeconomics and Macroeconomics.

Virtual Whiteboard & Realtime Visualiser

Mimic and draw complex economic diagrams as our JC Economics Tutor demonstrates an example on both Virtual Whiteboard and Realtime Visualiser. For studying and revisions, you may also download the economic diagrams and save into your personal work folder.

Document Sharing in MyWork Folder

Simply store all your economic notes, essays, and case study practices in your digital personal folder so that you access them easily in the future. You can also share your notes and answers with our tutors in real time with our simplified Document Sharing function.

What We Teach

Economics Tuition Online offers JC Economics Tuition classes for students to be ready for the GCE A Level examinations. These classes are focused on conceptual revision, discussion of practice questions and online practices.

Economics Concept Teaching & Revision

Delve intriguing class discussions on economic topics such as Cost of Production, Market Structures, International Trade and Foreign Exchange. We explore a wide spectrum of economic concepts pertaining today’s economics problems and discuss possible policies and solutions.

Economics Essay Outlines & Questions

Learn to rapidly analyse essay question requirements and practise essay outlines within our virtual classroom. Our tutors will hone your thinking capacity and teach you how to structure economic concepts and evaluate economic policies in a quick and logical way.

Economics CSQ Discussions & Practices

Develop analytical skills and master answering techniques as you learn to approach different types of Case Study Questions with our tutors. Our vast database of Case Studies will train your skill development and build your exam preparedness for complex questions.

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