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JC GP Tuition Online

JC GP Tuition Online, as part of the JC Tuition Online network, is the central portal for the General Paper subject, where students can seek out study resources and discover proven exam approaches as they prepare for their examinations. With strong academic support from our GP tutors, we have developed the ideal programme for you to pursue your desired A grade.

What Do We Teach?

Our portal is supported by two distinctive online platforms - GP Learning Studio and GP Practice Lab . The GP Learning Studio shares a common information platform for students to learn about world issues and even engage in intellectually-stimulating debates on the popular talking points. The GP Practice Lab provides students a specialised writing platform to experiment with different writing styles and build efficient writing techniques.

GP Learning Studio

A New Way To Approach Economics

The GP Learning Studio is a learning-first platform for students to access written resources, content videos and model essays/answers. The platform offers three distinct features: Livestream Classes; Virtual Whiteboard; MyWork Folder, which enhances students’ learning experience and promotes healthy studying habits.

Livestream Classes

Participate in live debates and discuss current affairs with our GP tutors through our Livestream Classes. We will teach you to engage your critical thinking skills as you assess multiple perspectives in essays and comprehensions.

Virtual Whiteboard

Engage actively in your class assignments with help from our virtual whiteboard. Our tutors make use of our own virtual whiteboard to illustrate concepts and assist students in understanding more abstract topics through simplified mind maps, charts and diagrams.

Document Sharing with your Personal Work Folder

The Document Sharing feature allows you to quickly submit any written class assignments and homework, which allows our tutors to review students’ work with urgency. These assignments will be saved in your very own Personal Work folder.

GP Practice Lab

Elevate Your Writing Proficiency.

Armed by an array of educational productivity tools, the GP Practice Lab is a virtual classroom that optimises students’ revision experience with online components of essays and comprehensions. Leveraging our online system, students are trained to think systematically and write efficiently in an exam environment.

Essay Writing Structure

Engage your writing capacity and paragraphing techniques for challenging essay questions with the assistance of our online writing system. You will learn to assess questions quickly and engage in critical thinking while under exam conditions.

Essay Writing Practices

Familiarise yourself with the different styles of question interpretation and practise your writing fundamentals, ideation stage, and the synthesising of counter arguments and rebuttals. Essays are carefully reviewed by our tutors to ensure consistent performance.

Comprehension Practices

Access our archives of comprehension passages and questions and focus on specific comprehension components that you are weak in. Our online review system ensures that your answers will be thoroughly analysed by our GP tutors.

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