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JC History Tuition Online

For students taking either H1 or H2 History, we offer JC History Tuition Online classes to ensure that there is a viable and reliable way to grasp historical issues effectively. With our integrated tuition programme, you will develop the versatility to handle both fundamental and challenging essay and source-based case study questions to ace the GCE A Level examinations.

Features of Our JC History Tuition Online

We understand that it can be a tedious process for some students to read and understand different history-related issues such as the Cold War and the United Nations. Therefore, our online learning programme features content re-teaching for thematic review as well as class practices for skills application. Let us take you through this journey and you will realise how effective our classes can be!

Content Re-teaching for knowledge consolidation

Explore historical issues such as the Emergence of Bipolarity, the Sino-Soviet split and the Asian Financial Crisis through structured class discussions. You will receive a set of summary notes that encapsulate the gist of each topic as well as relevant timelines.

Development of structured essay writing skills

Organise your thinking and writing processes by engaging in class discussions. We provide outlines to highlight the specific areas of consideration when approaching various A Level History essay questions. Try out class practices and review feedback to find out more.

Refinement of source-based case study skills

In order to ace the source-based case study questions section, we have derived a step-by-step thinking process so that you can deconstruct the questions and organise your answering approach within the given timeframe.

How You Can Benefit?

Now that you have covered the essential features of our eLearning programme, we would like to share with you what we have in store for you. The JC History Tuition Online lessons feature live-streamed class discussions and practices. Additionally, you can take a look at our fascinating articles that are posted weekly and develop an analytical mind as you explore this complex and ever-changing world.

Join the live-streamed classes for discussion of historical matters

We have online classes that feature the consideration of key issues to consolidate your understanding of the assessed topics. The JC History Tutors will provide an outline of what you will cover and feature useful references for post-lesson review.

Try out class practices to assess your writing competency

Attempt essay and source-based case study questions that are modified from past year examinations to deepen your comprehension of History-related concepts. After each practice, you can gather feedback from our JC History Tutors to raise writing proficiency.

Read fascinating articles to broaden your understanding of History

In our dedicated writing column, you can read our History articles that cover different topics based on the H1 and H2 History syllabus. Also, we share recent news that discuss relevant issues to demonstrate the applicability of the topics covered in class to enrich your learning.

Learning History made effective

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