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JC Math Tuition Online

JC Math Tuition Online is one of the many A Level eLearning programmes offered at this portal to provide students with a reliable and exam-driven way to focus their energies on knowledge accumulation and conceptual application. With a vast array of resources and academic support from the JC Math Tutors, we have the ideal programme to prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead.

Features of Our JC Math Tuition Online

The JC Math Tuition Online programme features a structured curriculum, a set of study materials and numerous practices. In view of the changing demographic patterns, we have incorporated online learning to empower students in their efforts in grasping Math concepts and applying them to various questions.


Understand Math concepts in a structured curriculum

Our classes are based on the two major sections of the A Level Math syllabus, namely Pure Mathematics and Probability and Statistics. By the end of each lesson, you will be equipped with the fundamental skills to approach the featured topic confidently.

Consolidate your Math knowledge for application

Given that the A Level Math questions will include conceptual application in real-world contexts, our online classes will cover a broad range of scenarios. For instance, the use of Complex Numbers and Calculus for electrical circuits.

Review your progress through consultation

If you have any doubts, our JC Math Tutors encourage you to reach out. We believe that regular student-tutor interactions, even in the virtual landscape, are vital as knowledge comprehension is an ongoing process that takes time to develop.

How You Can Benefit?

The mastery of A Level Mathematics concepts is one of the key aims for many students. As such, we have derived a student-oriented learning programme for JC Math Tuition Online, featuring ‘cheat sheets’, practices and consultation sessions to bring out the best in every student.

Receive Math ‘cheat sheets’ as study references

It can be a time-consuming process for students to review school materials and develop summary notes. Therefore, our online learning programme will feature useful references that students can use right away as they attempt practices for topical review.

Try out diverse complex practice questions

Examination preparation is largely centred on the regularity and depth of practices that students can complete. Therefore, we have prepared a vast archive of questions for students to be familiar with the possible variations on how certain topics are tested

Engage in online discussions to organise your thinking process

Enter the Virtual Classroom and engage in class discussions during these ‘live’ sessions to improve your understanding of Math topics. The JC Math Tutors will cover past examination questions to demonstrate how you can answer them in an organised way.

Nurturing resilient problem-solvers

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