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An Online Learning Experience For Secondary Tuition

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Register for our popular secondary tuition online classes as you gear up for your school examinations and the GCE ‘O’ Level examinations. Our diverse list of secondary programmes ensure that you will find the right help for your child and ensure his/her academic success in Singapore.

Secondary English Tuition

Intensify your efforts in mastering the English language via online discussions and practices for sections like Editing, Composition, Comprehension and Visual Text. These practices are marked by the English tutors to minimise writing errors.

Secondary Math Tuition

Enhance your learning of Mathematics by attending the programmes for Lower Secondary or Upper Secondary students. For the latter, the centres conduct A and E Math Tuition classes that feature topical re-teaching and complex practices.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Improve your understanding of Science to be ready for the higher levels of study of Science-related subjects such as Chemistry, Biology and Physics. These lessons are conducted by Science tutors who introduce real-world examples for discussion.

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Get ready for the GCE O Level Chemistry examinations by joining the tuition programmes available for students studying either Pure Chemistry or Combined Science. Receive summary notes for productive revision.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Learn more about the GCE O Level Physics topics like Newtonian Mechanics and Electricity and Magnetism via real-time video class discussions. Our Physics tutors will livestream these lessons to guide students through each concept systematically.

Secondary Biology Tuition

Examine the GCE O Level Biology topics through thematic review for areas such as the Continuity of Life, Maintenance and Regulation of Life Processes. These programmes are for those taking either Pure Biology or Combined Science.

Secondary Social Studies Tuition

Ace your Humanities examination by attending the exam-driven Social Studies tuition. These lessons include essay writing and source based case study questions to demonstrate how various thematic issues are applied realistically.

Secondary Geography Tuition

Be familiar with the Geographic topics by attending the content revision lessons. These thematic classes consist of Physical and Human Geography. Also, our online classes support students in developing Geographical skills like map reading.

Secondary History Tuition

The O Level History Tuition features two major topical reviews, namely European Dominance and Challenges (1870s-1945) and The Bi-Polar World Order (1945-1991). Learn how to answer source-based case study and structured essay questions well.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Analyse Economics concepts and apply them to multiple choice and structured questions. Our online learning lessons feature topical review for topics like Economic Development, The Allocation of Resources and Basic Economic Problem.

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